10 Billionaires With Surprisingly Frugal Money Habits

Do you think billionaire will throw their own money like Dan Bilzerian ? No, not all richest man wasted their money for fun.
Some of then really stingy and put their money on the best place. Time.com has wrote the article about famously billionaire that don’t just using their money for luxury thing too.

1) Mark Zuckerberg
– The social media billionaire get US 1 for his salary but his net worth make him as one of the youngest billionaire in the world.

He could buy a Ferrari for his driving to show his wealth but he just using Volkswagen GTI with manual transmission. Do you know how much it cost? It is only $30,000.
Many people do a grand wedding but this guy marriage in their backyard with his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan.
Look at his shirt, it ain’t easy to see he wear a stylish or luxury coat even he could afford it.

2) Warren Buffet

– The godfather of investor. He is CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and become one of the richest people on the earth. But do you know where he live? Warren Buffet still lives in his 6,000 square foot, five bedroom stucco house in Omaha which he bought in 1958.

3) Bill Gates
– The richest man on the earth just use a $10 watch. Look at him, he remains old fashioned at still wash the dishes at home every night for his family.

4) Charlie Ergen
– Founder and chairman of Dish Network still packs a brown-bag lunch from home every day to his office. The lunch consist of a sandwich and Gatorade from home. He could buy luxury house but still lived in the same house for over 10 years in Denver.
He also sharing hotel rooms with colleagues while traveling for business. Isn’t it weird as many CEO has their own room for travelling.

5) Carlos Slim
– Mexico’s richest man has become a richest man in the world in this decade after takeover from Bill Gates last 2-3 years ago.
This Mexican telecom magnate drive himself around town in an old Mercedes-Benz, buys clotehes off the rack at his own retail stores and lived in the same modest six-bedroom house in Mexico whe he raised his kids.

6) Jim Walton
– A member of America’s richest family after inherited the Walmart company. Nowaday, he runs the family’s Arvest Bank which has asset more than $16 billion. Despite his fortune, Jim Walton prefers pickup trucks to fancy sports cars. He still drive ad Dodge Dakota pickup for over 15 years old.

7) John Caudwell
– Co-founder of mobile phone retailer Phones 4yu cuts his own hairs, refrains from buying expensive wines and buys his clothes off the rack at British retailer Marks & Spencer.

8) Amancio Ortega
– Founder of famously clothing conglemerate Inditex, Zara still lives humble. He still live in a discreet apartment building with his wife. He also eats lunch with employees in the Zara cafeteria.

9) David Cheriton
– The Professor Billionaire makes sure to save half of his meal for the next day when earting at an expensive restaurant. Cheriton still ride his bike and drive 1986 Volkswagen can or an old Honda Sedan.
He also prefers jeans instead of expensive designer clothes and even reuses his teabags.

10) Azim Premji
– India’s wealthiest tech tycoon is said to monitor the number of toilet-paper rolls used by employees. Chairman of tech-services giant Wipro Ltd, lives in a low budget lifestyle and is extremely careful with his spending.

He often takes a three=wheel auto rickshaw from the Bangalore airport when returning home from business trips. He also drives secondhand cars such as an old Toyota Corolla, flies in economy class and stays at compnay guest houses instead of five-star hotels.

Last but not least, Yourfinancialblog.com Owner, he drove a local car which cost him RM500 per month and need to pay for 9 years. Hopefully, he could finish the installment before December 2017.
He also live in 1000 square foot, three bedroom in his local hometown. Has 20 years loan before finish. Maybe if yourfinancialblog could boom, he could finish the housing loan before 2027.
He also not wear any watch and depend on his handphone and wash his own dishes too.He also pack his lunch from home where his wife cook it at the night.
He can’t hire driver and don’t have much money to use Uber/Grab. Use his cheap car go to work. He is still salary man too.. Work for others..
Maybe yourfinancialblog.com owner is not billionaire or even millionaire or thousandaire but he still happy and also frugal too..

Reference :-Time.com

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