10 common mistakes renters make

Rent a house is one of budgeting that you need to pay attention. It will cost such a big money. If you are looking to rent an apartment or any type of house beware this mistake being made by renters


  1. Signing a lease without knowing what the agreement written. Some of renter just rushes signing the rental agreement. Some of the rules maybe will cost you. You must know when the dateline to pay for rent fee, utilities or others cost including any extra services provided by the local council or service community.Take the document and get an attorney or experience people about the agreement.  After you understand about the agreement, make sure the agreement follow the law. Don’t just sign the agreement only using a piece of paper which can’t be using in court.
  2. Signing a least that can’t fit with your life. Some of the lease has ruled that really affect your own money. For example, they put rule to extra charge for guests who stay more than two days at the house, forbid subletting or make the cost of repairs as your responsibility. It can cost your money.
  3. Not taking pictures when you move in. Use the technology to ensure the house is in good condition. If there’s damage, you need to inform to landlord. It is a must because some landlord doesn’t want to take responsibility to repair damage after you move in.
  4. Not checking neighborhood. You must survey the neighborhood whether it is safe or not. It is a bad life if your neighborhood has a big crime rate.
  5. Not getting renters insurance also a big mistake before rents. You need to insure it because there’s a possibility damage in future that we don’t know. Insure it could save cost if something happen.
  6. Paying too much in rent. This happen when you don’t compare with nearest location. You must know the value of renting in the place. Don’t just pay too much for renting.
  7. Not taking action if landlord breaks the law. Some of landlords never follow the agreement. If you think the landlord breaks the agreement, get action from government agencies. You must know about your right.
  8. Passing up possible tax benefits to landlords. Some of the bill you paid can get cut taxes. Contact your state tax department if you can get taxes cut paying the bill such as property taxes.
  9. Don’t know the width of the house. You must go to the house. Some of renter just believe on the paper.
  10. Do not taking your roommate to appointment. Some of the renter just go alone to rent the house. Get friends and you can get more opinion about it.

Reference :- Money MSN

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