10 Tips That Make Us Rich

I’m not rich so I like to read about how to become rich. And this is one of best tips that could take my heart beating fast.
Here are 10 main key to make us rich :-

1. Patience

– To save money we must have patience. It means waiting until the first wave of product hype has passed, keeping a car for an extra few years before getting another one and waiting until something you want fits into your budget instear of putting it on credit.
It is often the difference between creating savings and being in debt. We nee to have patience to wait until find a good deal.

2. Satisfaction
– Get satisfied is important to spend money on nonessentials. The sole purpose of commercials is to make you believe that buying a product or service will make you happier, wealthier, better looking or improve whatever isn’t bringing you satisfaction.

People spend because they want to capture the excitement shown in advertisements. When you are satisfied with what you have and your life, your finances will be in a lot better shape.

3. Organization

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– It is important to being organized as it can make you more productive and ensure that all the many issues pertaining to personal finances are addressed. Don’t pay late, not buying two of everything, knowing deadlines that can affect your finances and getting more done in less time. All these an greatly benefit our finances.

4. Discipline
– Discipline is a key to save money for specific, long-term goals every month. Personal finance isn’t a way to get rich quick, but is a disciplined execution of your lifetime plans.

5. Creativity
– We need to be creative. Creativity allows you to make something last longer rather than purchasing it when you don’t have the money. It means juggling money to stay out of debt rather than simply paying with a credit card and it means finding a cheaper alternative when money is tight.

6. Curiosity
– Curiosity helps us to learn, study and improve. It wanting to know more, to take the time to study and then take what is learned and put into practice. It is an important process that is driven by curiosity.

7. Risk Taking

Investment Myth
– Risk-taking is important proess to beceome wealthy.l The stock market has risks involved but over the long term it provides good returns on money that is invested wisely.

8. Goal-Oriented
– Setting goal is important. It helps your personal finances immensely if you have money goals and are motivated to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

9. Reflectiveness
– We must to look back at our financial decisions and reflect on their results. Look back at our financial mistakes before. Learn from mistake and avoid to do that again and recognize if we keep repeating the same mistake.

10. Hard and Smart Working
– There’s no lottery and easy way to solve financial problems. The true path to get finanial freedom are work hard to earn money while educating ourself to continue to have more value and increase our salary. It will help us to create a plan to accumulate the wealth you desire.

Source :- The Street

First of all, I’m not a millionaire. My income is below than $40,000 yearly but
I just received an ebook by one of famous finance blogger in Malaysia, KCLau.com. He

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