10 Ways to cut Food Costs

Food is one of the biggest expenditure in our daily life. The cost for food is rising day after day. To avoid eating is impossible but there’s some steps to cut the food costs.
cut cost food

  1. Dining out is sometimes is an expensive cost. Try to make it at home rather than buy from restaurant. Exclude fast food as your dining out if you still need to get food outside your house. I
  2. Buy in bulk can save a significant amount of money. Always check the prices and pick up the family sized package because it is cheaper per unit than smaller packages. Try shopping at hypermarket that sell bulk food. But beware of the product. Some of the product not really work to buy bulks especially the goods that have expiry date such as vegetable, bun, bread, etc.
  3. Some of the store has a reward card that gives you best prizes. Using reward card, you can get discount prizes for your grocery. Some of the reward card also offer other benefits such as get holidays or prizes based on your point.
  4. Look at the product that has expiry date. Some of the grocery stores lower the prices as ages. You need to follow and learn about when the product gets marked down. When you know about it, you can avoid buying when the price is high.
  5. Avoid credit card and always paid on cash. Using credit cash will make your credit increase especially with hidden cost. Understand the terms and conditions when using a credit card.
  6. There’s a high priced item occurs in your favorite recipes.  Try changing it using a cheaper item. There’s many alternative to switch the item.
  7. If you found the coupon whether in the brochure, website or newspaper, cut it early. Never think it as easy. Clip them and use it at the store that using it. It could save your big buck using it to buy the item.
  8. Prepare a shopping list before go to grocery shop. Write it at your home with number of item and average cost. Plan meals a week before and buy it properly based on the menu. Avoid unneeded item when shopping and found the shop that nearest from your home.
  9. There’s many readymade meals on the market but it come with a premium price tag. Buy the ingredients and prepare the meal yourself and the price to make it will be cheaper than buying it.
  10. There are many options nowadays to buy. Many hypermarket or market nearest. Always pay attention to their prices. Find the store that give lowest price in your area for routine shopping. Watch if there are any sales and take advantage when possible.

That’s 10 tips to cut food cost. You need to follow and you will absolutely can save tons of money.


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