11 Ways to be unremarkably average

I like this cartoon as it is true in our reality. It is a cartoon about a life of average people. The sequence from kids untill old. Maybe most of us will have similar life. I’m a type of average but I don’t want to become like this cartoon. I want to change my life. It ain’t good to become average because we will regret in our old life.. Okay look at the cartoon

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I like the part 8 and 9 about writing a book and starting own business.. I’ve in progress now.. I’ve a business but still trying to write a book. It ain’t easy but I’ve target it …. Just follow this blog and maybe I’ve make a book about finance later.
How about that? Do you think we can change to become extra ordinary person? Share with us..

The old and ‘normal’ way of making money is somehow becoming boring or maybe too
The traditional ways of making money are almost extinct. That’s why more and more people

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