2013 Wishlist

Hello all of my beloved readers. Only a couple of hours before year 2012 end and 2013 start to keep our life in that year.Do you have any wish list? To become success in 2013, you need to set a wish list and try to achieve it. Wish list is important to keep you motivate and hard to get the item you want it.

How to make 2013 wish list?

Make a wish list not hard like to prepare 2013 personal budget. You just need to list all of your dream achievement, product that you want. Set the target and period for you to achieve it. Then you need to work hard to get what you want. Keep on the pace but set up realistic target. Don’t push too hard or you will be frustrated that you can’t achieve it.

How to know whether the wish list is realistic?

It depend on your budget and work. If you want to buy a luxury items, make sure it still reachable. Don’t make wish list item that is too much expensive. Create a wish list in your notebook and diary. Create a target date to achieve it.

In this entry, I’ll share what my list and my aim to achieve it :-

1. Earn money from blog
– I’ve other’s blog but in this blog I’ll aim to earn from this blog. As I’m not get earning anything from this blog yet so my target is low. I’m target to earn $50 on quarter 2013 and increase to $200 at the end of 2013. I hope I can achieve it from CPC (infolinks), chitika and paid advertising. Okay, my aim is low because I’ve to manage other blog. Hopefully I can achieve more than this. Only you my beloved readers can help it.
– To earn money, my blog must have good traffic. Now, I just get around 20 traffic per day. To earn that much money, I need at least 200 visitor per day. Need to work hard, learn more, keep on getting readers, etc.. (If you have any suggestion, let’s share with me..)
– I’m also trying to make more unique article. Before this, yourfinancialblog full of copy paste article but I’ve tried to change this situation.Maybe not 100% unique article but I’ve target to get at least 50% of unique article.

2. Get a 2013 wish list good
– There’s many product I want to get on the 2013 years such as iPAD/Tab , laptop, digital camera. I’ve need to buy laptop first because my computer is getting older and need new one. Maybe I can use my balance bonus to buy it. Not the super laptop but enough with basic laptop. Maybe the range of laptop is below $2,000. For iPAD/Tab I need to make decision whether iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. The cost is around $1,500 and I’ve to buy it at the quarter of years. Last is digital camera. It can become an option if I can buy iPad/tab. I will buy the digital camera if there’s enough money available.
– If possible I want to buy the product using my online income.

3. Earn money from offline project
– I have an offline project as I’m plant a pineapple farm. There’s 10,000 pineapple in 1 acres in my partners land. The pineapple target to harvest is around July 2013 and I hope more than half could be harvest. I hope to earn about $10,000 to add my income.
pineapple farm
free image hosting

– I need to pay for lease around $1,000 per year and cost that value more than half of the income.

4. Married
– This is the wish list that I’ve planned for long time ago. Still can’t meet any girl. Maybe I need to low my demand.

5. Get better finance life
As a financial blogger, I need to get better finance life. Not getting stress about money, loan or others that make me as a money slave. Hope I can learn and follow some investment tips I’ve read on the net.

Okay, that’s my 2013 wish list. How about you? I hope you also have a wish list.

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  1. 1. You might want to consider proofreading your articles before posting.
    Some people don’t like reading grammatically incorrect blog postings.

    2. Kiyosaki said “It’s not how much that you make but how much that you

    I am still using my 14 year old Win98 PC with Opera browser v11.64 for
    internet access – thanks to KernelEx. I will be using it until the hard disk goes kaput – the CMOS can’t recognize those hard disks that are in the market these days. SSDs are just too expensive.

    I also have a desktop Intel Pentium Dual core that I use mostly for TV
    recordings. Personally, I prefer desktops over laptops as they are cheaper and I can do most of the repairs myself when there are problems.

    I don’t have an IPad nor Samsung tablets. They are just nice to have toys – and not a necessity. I can do everything that I want on my PC.

  2. 1. thanks for your opinion.. I’m not really good in grammar and still learn.. One way to improve my English by writing on this blog and corrected by fellow readers.
    I can make a blog using my language but that’s won’t improve. I can write in my language and write safe but I don’t want to be static. I hope you can help me by correct which one of the error..

    2. Hm.. that’s so cool.. You still using 14 years old PC.. I think I need my laptop for my work .. Maybe iPAd/tablet for outstation work.

  3. 1. I am a product of “Communication English” too. It is only now that I am beginning to improve on my grammar after starting my blog. You are on the right track with blogging. Reading lots of books will help too.

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