25 Year Entrepreneur makes millions with iPhone Repair Service

While most of teenagers saving their money to buy iPhone, this 25 year old, A.J Forsythe has get an idea to make money : iPhone doctor who make house calls. He found company called iCracked , that specialize in cracked screens.
It make fortune as the company has raised $700,00 from Y-Combinator, SV Angel and other investors. A spokesperson for iCracked said that the company revenue last year was $2M and it expected to get $10M. The iCracked business core is a network of iTechs who promise to fix your phone in a flash.
Currently their network has 340 iTechs spread over 11 countries. The firm adds 50-70 new iTechs every month.


Forsythe believes the potential for the market as the world has more than 1 billion smartphones in use and researchers estimate the next billion smartphone users by 2015. Forsythe said that repairing iPhones is just the beginning and iCracked has plans to start repairing android models as well as selling cell phone insurance.

Source :- Huffingtonpost
I like his idea on how to make opportunity from smartphone market. It is huge opportunity as many smartphone user not really smart and clumsy (including me). Not just what in present but he also predict the future and trying to enhance the market. Good luck.

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