5 Causes of over-spending

Shopping for yourself is not wrong, but it should be done responsibly. Here are some common reasons why most of us over spending


1) Feeling entitled
Sometimes we whisper say “I am entitled to spend for themselves when tired to work”. So finally, we would go to the store and buy a compact disc or buy a favorite artist lipstick. There are parts of us are concerned about the value of friendship and want to be accepted by your friends. This leads us to buy unnecessary items just because they want to be accepted by the group.

2) Sad and disappointed.
Some of us spend when sad and disappointed like fighting with your boyfriend /brother and sister. We wait to shop, ostensibly to treat depression and frustration. And often we think other people will understand why we are spending to cozy feeling. If you experience this problem, be sure to share the pain and frustration with someone who understands you.

3) Shopping as a hobbies
Hobbies intended to pass the time and is interesting, some of us have a hobby shop .. Just look at the weekend, shopping stores are filled with people who do not know how to use their leisure time well spent. We should be aware that in addition to a hobby shop, there are many other hobbies that much more benefit.

4) Purchase price of the offer.
Many of us are stuck with this reason. When you look at the offer price of billboards, then we will be ready to go buy it. What can be done is to hold the intention in advance. Returning home to make reasonable judgments and to return to the shop to get the necessary items.

5) Using the debt and the budget.
Can not deny that many among us who use this excuse, and there are also trapped in this situation. Usually, when we are short of money, we immediately resolve this matter by using a credit card. To overcome this trap, we should organize a budget to limit the production of money from this credit card.

If you want to choose a credit card because you love to shop, you need
This year, Black Friday will be held on November 23 and many people will get

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