5 Everyday Item Invented by NASA

When talk about NASA we will think about planet. It is their task to learn about astronomy, reach moon and so on. But do you know that NASA also invent product that some of us used everyday? Read this and you will be surprised :-
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1. Invisible Braces. Some of you using this to make your teeth straight and look great. NASA has developed the material for this invisible braces.
2. Scratch Resistant Lenses. NASA invent the product by making a process called direct ion deposition that makes glasses 10 times more scratch resistant. It also water resistant that allow people to use lenses without spotting.
3. Memory Foam developed by NASA to lessen impact during landing but now it used in commercial such as mattresses and pillow. It could lessen the friction between prosthetic limbs and as protection for racecar drivers.
4. Ribbed Swimsuits. The swimsuits has large effect on aerodynamics of aircraft wing. It not just used for swimsuitbut also in pipes and on yachts used for racing. NASA was partnered with Speedo to make a competitive swimsuit for sport but was banned after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
5. Ear Thermometer. The Ear thermometer using infrared technology this ear thermometer could help in nursing.
Ear Therm
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Source :- Investopedia

That’s 5 product invent by NASA and become useful for our daily life. Maybe there’s many product has been build based on NASA invention. If you have any product, let’s share with me.

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