5 Investment Rules to Live By

Investing is one way to earn profit and make more money. But most of us (including me) fear to loss. The book i’m reading (and still not finished) ‘Kevin O’Leary – Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women & Money‘ give 5 easy investment tips for us to follow :-

Investment Myth

1) Diversify
-Look at your portfolio and remember the rule. Make sure that you’re investing only 5 percent of your money in any one stock or bond and only 20 percent in any one segment (for example, energy). Anything more than that and you’re courting risk and destabilizing your portfolio.

2) Insist on dividends
– Never buy a security that doesn’t pay a dividend or a bond that doesn’t yiloed interest. Think of it like you’re renting out your money. Don’t let someone live in your spare room for free.

3) Don’t invest in anything you don’t understand
– Don’t take risk to invest in the field that you don’t know. Skip them unless you know these products inside and out. Also understand the tax implications of all your investments. A good financial advisor is key to growing your health. A broker might help you pick your financial products, but an advisor will help you navigate the financial terrain.

4) Don’t be greedy
– It’s called buy and hold. That means you don’t want to buy and sell stocks with every single up and down of the market – a paranoid and insecure way to invest and one that rarely leads to great success.

5) Don’t believe the hype
– Stock tips are often a bunch of hokum designed to sell a product. It’s all marketing to steal your money. Trust your gut and your money manager. Data can be interpreted a lot of ways and a good broker knows how to understand the numbers.

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