5 Most Expensive Ebay Auctions

Do you make a transaction within eBay? eBay is most popular online auction and the best online marketplace. You can bid items for less price or maybe higher than that. There’s many expensive item being sold at the eBay and this is the 5 of most expensive item :-

1. Elvis and James Dean Painting.
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– The art was painted by Gerald Sabatini on hardwood and hand made sculptured frame. Do you know what the value of the item? The price is $7 million and you still can buy it because it is still available for purchase.
2. Shane Butcher’s Life
– Shane Butcher are selling his life. He selling everything he owns for $3.5 million includes his 3 R U Game franchises, his two homes, his cars and office. He has received a few offer but still available.
3. Space Monkey Sam Photo
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– Space Monkey Sam was first animal to be a part of NASA’s space exploration program on Dec 4, 1959. He was one of few animals to come back after travel into space. The photo has Sam’s Paw print and a stamp from the U.S Air Force which indicates that it is an original. The item listed on eBay for $5 million and no bids.
4. The Farm
– The bed and breakfast located in rural Ithaca, N.Y with over 40 acres of land. The building is over 10,000 square feet and its listed on eBay for $2.4 million.
5. World Largest Lunchbox Collection
– The collection contains over 675 lunchox from 1950s. The collection is being for over $1.7 million.

Source :- Investopedia

Wow.. I won’t buy any of the item.. Just not worthy to waste my money.

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