5 reason for over spending

Many people have problem about over spending their earning. Shopping for yourself is not wrong, but it should be done responsibly. Here’s 5 main reason why we often over spending :-

1) Feeling entitled

Sometimes we whisper say “I am entitled to shop for themselves after working hard.” And finally, we will be visiting the store and buy CDs favorite artist or buy lipstick lips. It’s also among our values of friendship and want to be accepted by friends. This leads us to buy goods that are not needed just because we wants to be accepted by the group.spending-002

2) Sad and disappointed.

Some of us shopping when we feel sad and disappointed like having a fight with a boyfriend or friend. We are tempted to spend, allegedly to treat the pain and frustration. And often we think people will understand why we spend to satisfy our feelings. If you experience this problem, make sure you share the grief and frustration with someone who understands you.

3) Hobby shop

Some of us have this hobby shopping. Just look at the weekend, buildings will be full of shopping people do not know how to use their free time besides shopping. We need to realize that in addition to a hobby shop, there are many other hobby is more beneficial.

4) Buying at the bid price.

Many of us are stuck with this excuse. When looking at an offer price of billboard, then we will be ready to go buy it. What can be done is to postpone the first intention. Return home to make reasonable judgments and to return to the store to get the necessary goods.

5) Use of debt and the budget.

Many of us who use this excuse, but nevertheless trapped in this situation. Usually, when we lack money, we immediately resolve this matter by using a credit card. To overcome this trap, we should organize a budget to limit the issuance of money from the credit card.

Think first and plan your spending to avoid over-spending.

Debt does not just come in. it is escalated by your unchecked poor habits and

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  1. One of the worst financial things that you can do is to overspend on a
    depreciating asset. And the only time that I’d ever pay market
    (or above) market value for an appreciating asset (i.e. property) is
    where the market is just starting to boom.

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