5 Reason to buy overseas property

Do you imagine to have properties on other countries? I just read an article on 5 reason to buy overseas property that could become our guidelines to invest in the property such as :
1. Diversify : Don’t put your eggs in one basket
– We don’t know future economy. As national market growth is independent of other international market growth, take advantage of foreign markets whose economy is performing relatively better than our local scene.
Investing overseas allows you to ride on the highs of the different markets, increase your portfolio, expand your horizon of opportunities while it lowers your risks of losing everything.
Diversify investment in different market will help tremendously with forward planning.
Instead of paying rental for your child, pay off the instalment and likely capital appreciation will rise upon selling the property.

2. Build your nest in another currency
– Investing in a property overseas give opportunity to build investment in a different currency. It could seize the moment to hedge on other properties in foreign countries that are undergoing a good economic run may bring forth a promising return.
Surround yourself with the additional benefits of earning in stable currencies through rental yields.
In addition, investing in property in more than one country will potentially protect and secure you financially if one market faces an unexpected downturn.

3. Lower upfront commitment
– Investors have options -be it investing locally or overseas. There are benefits of a lower upfront commitment by investing overseas.
Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom on the other hand practice the 10/90 payment scheme where buyers are required to put down 10% of the property price upfront while the balance is required only when the project is completed.
This may take two to three years allowing investors to consider other investments in the meantime.

– Many believe that stock investing is still viable. Although stock investing is a dynamic and fluid asset thatt can bring in instant results and gratification, it is also a fickle platform for anyone to invest in wholly. At any day and time, the stock market might face a disastrous crash and in a blink of an eye, so could your investments.

5.Ride on the boom of developed markets
– Developed countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore are currently having a good run with their economy. Thus, the population will experience an increase in purchasing power subsequently leading to a rise in demand of assets, including property. This also enables foreign investors to join the bandwagon in picking up property while awaiting the potential capital appreciation.

Source :- Star Property

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