5 Things Your Neighbors Will Cost You

Okay, I just read 10 Things Your Neighbors Won’t Tell You at MarketWatch.com and it give me idea to write about things your neighbor will cost you. Maybe I steal some idea from the article but mostly I write based on experience (not only my experience but also other’s experience).


1. Complain
Do you have experience that your neighbor complain about you? Maybe he/she don’t like your cat, dogs that make noise to their house. Beware of the complain, he/she could sue you because of the disturbance he/she feel. For those live in apartment it is much big problem if you want to do some renovation. Not all neighbor agree even the renovation not effect the structure. They have the right because you share the facility.

2. Sharing Wi-Fi
Maybe you are a very generous man but beware of this. There’s a law in your country even using other’s wifi that the owner could be arrest. Always secure your Wi-Fi and don’t simply free to others. It could cost you, not just money but your life.

3. Noise
What related of noise and finance? Maybe some of you has this question. Let’s read this, if you heard noise everyday what will happen to your ears? It will affect your health too and it could cost you. You can buy a soundproof wall but it ain’t cheap.

4.Stealing your land
It is common especially for those owner that not really pay attention about their land. My father’s friend also face the same problem. His land is empty and the neighbors steal the land inches by inches. You can sue him at the court but it also need big cost.

5. They don’t pay management corporation fee
In my country, the owner of flat must have management corporation to manage their flat/apartment. But it is big problem because many owner not pay the fee and it could affect the management corporation that need the money to do maintenance work. This will affect you especially when there’s problem in your flat.

Okay, that’s 5 things your neighbors will cost you. Do you have any problem from neighbors that will cost you? Let’s share with us.

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