6 Ways to Save on Home Energy

Currently, our weather is become hot and hotter. It not just effect on your health but also can decrease your money because the electricity bill you use monthly. The energy costs will become increase especially to use fans, air conditioner to make your body cool. Even your energy will cost you, there’s 6 ideas to make your electric bills more manageable such as :-

  1. Air conditioning will costs energy and money. You must adjust the thermostat to reduce the expenses. Raise the temperature of your thermostat by at least three degrees.
  2. Do some home energy audit. You can audit it by your own or try to find home energy audit (if there’s free service).
  3. Switch providers (my country only has one provider. Can’t do this ways.). Some of country has option to purchase electricity. Check the competitor and compare it. If there better fee than switch it now.
  4. Turn on ceiling fans rather than use air conditioning. It is cost less than air conditioning.
  5. Change your household duties such as running the dishwasher or washer and dryer on early morning or late evening to minimize the effect on your cooling bills. Only wash full loads of laundry when it is entirely full. You can save more money on your monthly utility bill.
  6. Some of us always close doors and windows. In this situation try open the doors and windows in the morning and don’t close until the outside temperature reaches the level of your thermostat.  Open the doors and windows in the evening to let in the cool night air to decrease usage of air conditioning. Install high-performance windows, screens and films to protect upholstery, wood and artwork from UV rays while saving energy.
  7. Always turn off the socket when you got out from your home. Home electronics is in “standby” mode use energy to power features like clock displays.
  8. Replace Lighting with Energy-Efficient Models.

Reference :- Finance Yahoo

How about that? It is easy to save money if you know the trick. Try it and you can save your money rather than use any unproven device.

We all know that home energy savings are important to reduce our carbon foot print.
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