7 Online Business Ideas to Start This Year

There are many online businesses that you could opt for, but first, you need to find your expertise. The COVID-19 pandemic has sure introduced us to the culture of online work. Many people are considering this to be a new job culture. But do you think that this will prevail for a longer time? 

Yes, it will as there will be emergencies that will occur every now and then, and we have to be prepared. Hence the best thing will be to start a business that can be hosted online. There actually are many, if you ask me but too many options might confuse you, that is not my aim. 

I will provide you with 7 online business ideas, and I hope you find your calling. 

7 Online Business Ideas To Start This Year

Here are a few Online Business Ideas for you to ponder upon. 

  1. Consultancy for Small Business

    If you think that you can help people with starting their own business, you can open an online business for consultancy service. But, for this, you must have knowledge about business and how it will be executed. Starting a business is all about planning.

    First, ask yourself, are you creative enough to plan out a business in a way that it can sell? But if you already have experience in this field it will be rather smooth for you. There are a number of things that must be considered, such as licensing and abiding with all the laws for starting a business.

    Additionally, there are other elements of business such as marketing strategy, launching the product or service, and other such requirements. Once you are sure that you will be able to handle all this by yourself or you might have a team, it’s a good ahead for your small business consultancy.

  2. Consultancy for Social Media

    Social Media Marketing is taken very seriously by the industry. While big companies hire marketing agencies and some have their internal marketing team. But the small businesses focus on doing their social media marketing internally, and they look for freelancers who can help them.

    The social media marketers have to take care of social channels for businesses. As many famous entrepreneurs do not have time to look into numerous things at the same time. Often, entrepreneurs do not know how to handle social media and make mistakes if they try to do it themselves.

    These are the times they look for people who can help them strategize their social media activity. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. are areas with so much potential. Once used carefully can channel the traffic directly to any business. 

    If you are passionate about this marketing then you can opt for this online business. Once you start understanding the social activity of your target audience it will become easy for you to conduct marketing accordingly. 
  3. Develop your own app

    Mobile applications are the next best thing that happened to humankind. With the introduction of apps, we have seen how easy life could become. Hence, you can plan on launching your own app. The most profitable app would be games, online books, movies, etc.

    These are the applications that will help you make more money. If you consider making a game app, then you will be able to include paid features, such as giving more coins, golds, gems, etc. The users will be able to download the game for free but will have to pay for using the extra benefits within.

    Similarly, if you develop an OTT or over the top service such as Netflix or Amazon. You can tell your users to subscribe to your app. Even Netflix was laughed at, but now it is a billion-dollar industry itself.

    If you are an engineer then you can get help from your friends or try doing it yourself. Or you have to look for companies who will do it for you.

  4. E-commerce website or app

    Purchasing from different e-commerce apps has become a trend now. The consumers do not have time to visit stores and look for different items. Now that there are so many channels for shopping, the users look through different shopping channels and get it delivered in a few days.

    If you already have an offline store it will become easy for you. But if you do not, then don’t worry there are other ways to conduct e-commerce business. Just like Amazon, who purchases the products from local stores and businesses, even you could do that.

    You just need a good framework like Magento, WordPress, and others. If you want to do it yourself you can use either of these two, as they provide you with e-commerce templates you can use. WordPress has its own e-commerce framework called WooCommerce, so you can use that as well.

    Or you can give the project to a good developer while you can think about increasing more contacts for your e-commerce channel.  

  5. Online Tutoring

    A lot of people are looking to upgrade their skills, but they do not have time to attend institutes. So, these people look for good online services that can help them learn. If you are a Japanese person you can just teach Japanese, if you like, and sell it online tutoring services.

    Or you can consider opening a service that will provide online tutoring, Not only adults, but young people are also in need of good tutors. Since the schools have been closed and their education is being served through online platforms. If you think that you are good at teaching.

    Or have skills for making people understand critical things, this is for you. Never had we imagined that this day might come when the robust schooling structure would be questioned. People like Sugata Mitra had already foreseen this and had introduced open learning through school in the cloud.

  6. Web designer or developer

    Are you creative? Can you develop excellent websites for businesses? If you can, you should, as many businesses are planning to go online and they need talented people for design and development. This means that if you have the knack of taking a white sheet and turning it into a good design.

    Additionally, keeping in mind the layout, User Interface, and User Experience then this job is for you. Given that you also have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and you can build a website, then you are a gainer. You will be able to infuse your expertise with the requirements of the company.

    A website costs a lot, especially with the SSL certificates. So once you start delivering websites, you can make your portfolio that will help you to reach out to clients and establish your business completely, you can also choose to do freelancing, which can bring you more money.

  7. Virtual Assistance

    The modern companies choose to integrate virtual assistants for their online chat services. A record said that people prefer chatting more than waiting on calls for hours to get their problems solved. If you think that you are good at communicating in English, then you should give this a try.

    The sector that you like, suppose, technology will be the best place to start your virtual assistance career. There are many companies like technology, media, health care, etc. who are looking for people, for offering them the virtual assistant’s job.

    These companies will provide you with a product or service guideline that you will follow, to answer the questions of your clients. Recently, there is softwares that will allow you to give prompt replies generated through those channels. It’s easy money, if you ask me. 

Benefits of Online Business

Online Business will keep you afloat when the disasters hit. There are many benefits of this business, firstly you do not have to go anywhere else. Sit in your homes comfortably and conduct your business peacefully. Take your online business anywhere you want. 

Enjoy the benefits of being online when the offline stores are losing business. When you look into the proximity that the internet provides you with, you will see the opportunities are numerous. The only drawback will be that you have to stay connected to the internet. However, this is no longer a problem since wherever you go, you can use the internet. Apart from that you are sorted as an online business person. 


There is a lot to choose from, but you have to be critical about your skills. If you are working as a coder you suddenly cannot become a writer. You need to have the writing skills inside you. What I am trying to say is, you have to evaluate yourself. 

I hope that this article was useful for your research and you were able to choose one of the suggestions. If you truly liked this article, please share it with your friends and show them how even they can start an online business. If you have any confusion you can leave a comment, for us to clear your doubts. 

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