7 Tips for Choosing a Debit Card

Do you need a debit card or not? How to choose a debit card since many banking institutions offer debit cards. This is certainly confusing when you make a decision.I like to spend using a debit card than carrying cash because it is easy and light (no need to carry coins too). In addition, you also can shopping online with a debit card.

If you’re thinking of an appropriate debit card these are seven tips  to help you make decisions :

1. Make sure that the debit card is not linking directly to a savings account.
These cards are not safe if you lose your card and those who found it know your PIN number.
2. Avoid cards require a PIN number when dealing.
Some method require you to enter a PIN number openly in front of people. What if there is potential fraudster line up behind you and knows your PIN number. Many of us use a PIN number for all cards. Not scary to? It’s just ‘not wise’ to Expose your PIN number simply like that.
3. Get a  top up service concept.
The concept of this card allows you to transfer the amount to be spent any time from your account to debit cards. In case you lose your debit card, you do not feel very aggrieved because money in the debit card would not involve the whole of your money. Not only that, you can limit expenses for the day.
4. Get a debit card that acts like a credit card.
Some debit cards do not require you to enter a PIN number when dealing but requires your signature. Normally, cashier will check the name and signature on the back of the card as a safety measure.
5. Ask your bank in depth about the concept of the card.
Learn the terms, service fees and so on. Some debit cards do not charge any annual fees but imposes other service charge. So, for in-depth research before choosing a debit card according to your lifestyle.
6. Try asking your  friends who have experience using  a debit card.
Although individual experiences vary, it can be ‘open mind’ you after listening to the experiences of others. So you can assess whether you need a debit card or not.
7. Follow your intuition in decision making.
If you are in ‘need’ to get a debit card, continue to apply for a debit card. If it is not a pressing need, forget to use it.

Every individual has different views on how to manage their finances. If you think you would be wise in the cash from a debit card, either continue what you’re doing all this. Technology is often developed to benefit mankind. But we must be wise to choose what is best for themselves.

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