7 Travel Insurance Tips for Your Next Vacation

Go on travel, you need to have insurance. Some of us haven’t pay attention of insurance on the vacation.  I’m not really good at travel insurance as I’m not really like to travel but I know some of you love travel. I’ve research from internet and found the good article about travel insurance tips. So, I think it is better to share the article about 7 travel insurance tips for your next vacation.

1. Only insure what you can’t afford to lose. Not every trip needs travel insurance. If your potential loss is a few hundred dollars in airfare, travel insurance is probably not worth the cost or aggravation. On the other hand, a once-in-a-lifetime $20,000 vacation is worth protecting. In this way, travel insurance is no different than most other types of insurance.

2. There are many options. Before my research, I assumed there was just one type of travel insurance. In turns out that there are many types, including travel insurance for trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical, lost baggage, evacuation, and flight insurance. My primary concern is trip cancellation insurance, but there are many options to consider. Many travel insurance companies offer bundled insurance packages that combine two or more types of travel insurance.

3. Age matters. Whether it’s medical insurance or trip cancellation insurance, your physical health is an important factor in determining a premium. While you won’t have to get a physical like you would with life insurance, your age will affect the cost of the insurance.

4. Health insurance may not cover you. I was also surprised to learn that not all health insurance policies, including Medicare, cover you overseas or on a cruise flying under a foreign flag. The key is to contact your health insurance provider to find out what coverage you do have when you’re traveling. Only then can you make an informed decision about this type of travel insurance.


5. Timing issues. I was surprised to learn from my travel agent that we didn’t have to decide on travel insurance when we booked our cruise. In fact, you can buy travel insurance just days before your departure. This are risks, however, in waiting. Some types of travel insurance may require you to purchase the insurance within a set time period after you’ve booked your travel. And for trip cancellation insurance, you won’t be covered if you buy the insurance after you’ve become ill or the hurricane has wiped out your vacation destination.

6. Costs vary. It’s wise to compare costs before making a decision. While your travel agent will have options for you, they may not be the best or the least expensive. Some of the more well-known travel insurance companies include Access America, Travel Guard, and Travel Insured. And you can use sites like insuremytrip.com to compare travel insurance options.

7. Travel rewards cards won’t help. At first I assumed that a top-notch travel rewards credit card would have some travel insurance. But apart from limited baggage insurance, accident insurance, and rental car insurance with some cards, however, travel insurance is not part of the benefits. If you want trip cancellation or interruption insurance, you’ll have to buy it.

Source :- Money US News

Hm.. Most of the tips refer to US citizen but I think maybe some of it could related to others country. Maybe we must refer to our insurance agent before going outside our country. Maybe we know that some of the policy not cover outside country.

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US is one of the countries that offers the best and luxury travel destinations for
Depending on the place where you are travelling, currency exchange rates can vary a lot.

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