A Tiny House to rent

Wanna to find a cheapest house in Berlin? There’s a house to rent as cheap as €1 ($1.30) (based on Airbnb). Not just cheap, you can move to your favorite spot in Berlin without a car. Ops.. move the house? How come? It is can be done by house called ‘ One SQM HOUSE’. It is a wooden waterproof construction with a slide window and a lockable slide and a small desk perfect for your laptop. There is a chair and a matress inside of it. You can turn the house easily to the side and then sleep in with a comfortable angle for your back. The creation of this world’s smallest house invented by Le-Metnzel, a Laos native who fled his home country as a refugee and spent his entire life exploring the concept of home. He has teamed up with Corrine Rose from Berlin’s BMW Guggenheim Lab to grow a global village of these tiny mobile homes. Watch the video and the picture of this tiny house Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

1SQM House – in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin

House in Berlin, Germany. Discover Berlin for 1 Euro/night* in the smallest house in the world. A project initiated by Le-Mentzel in cooperation with BMW Guggenheim LAB, airbnb and eastseven Hostel Apply now for your stay in the One SQM House – the smallest house of … View all listings in Berlin

Credit News and Picture :- AIrbnb.com

Living in a space that measures a mere 168 square feet. Maybe you think it

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