Addicted shopping online , force to sell house


It sound funny, but it happen to one women at London. Emma Sims, 41 addicted to buy online after getting depressed in 2011 and spend more than $2,000(RM10,500) to buy clothes, shoes and bag online.


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She force to sell her house and debt with bank for total $40,000 (RM210,00) because of addict to buy online. Eventhough she is only clerk but her company offer many card credit.
– Agensi

Reference : Mirror

// It is one bad example using credit card without control. Maybe we can’t control our need to buy after looking the beautiful clothes at the website but we can control the limit of credit card usage by set the limit. Don’t overspend because it could make your life in much worst. Look at the woman case, she has many clothes, bag and shoes but need to sell the most expensive assets, she have, a house.

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It is not worthy to throw the house for this thing but it is happen when she can”t control her spending. Maybe this news could become our guideliness when spending via online.



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