Ads that I ‘ve reject

I just get an email that an advertiser want to promote their brand at The email written as below :


We would like to post a new article on your site. The article should fit the site and the readers as much as it possibly can. This is why I prefer you to write it.
Please note that it should have the same writing style like all other articles.

Instruction for writing the article :
The article must be 100% original and unique, not duplicated content and no quotes.
The article should be at least 350 words.
The article category & topic will be discussed. Please if you have better idea tell me about it.
The article should be published on the home page, and on the relevant category
The connection with our brand which is an online casino must be made in a natural way in the first or second paragraph, and it should not look like an ad.
Our article should have a relevant picture and an author name, basically the article needs to look like the rest of the articles from your site.
You can add an internal link or links from your site that is related or relevant to our article topic somehow.
Finally, could you please tell me what will be the price for this kind of article?

Also, if you own other sites, please send me their URLs, so I can review them.

Hope to hear from you soon.


It sound great at first but after I read it is about an online casino. I’m not believe about online casino and not support about gambling as a habit. I don’t encourage my fellow reader about gambling so I just can’t accept the opportunity.
Yes, maybe it is a big step for yourfinancialblog to earn money but I’ve my own though. It is not all about money but to follow my enthusiasm about manage finance. How about you?

As we know Singapore anti gambling ad backfires after Germany win against Brazil in semifinal.
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