Am I broke ?

Okay, I’m having bad luck this month. After my handphone damaged, there’s another big incident happen last week. My car getting another problem while I’m driving for wedding ceremony. It is getting worst, after the mechanics said that the cost is more than RM3,000.00. It is a big money but I’m still confident that it won’t harm much of my financial.

Why ? Am I rich ? No, I’m not rich but I’ve an emergency fund for this case. It is still impact on my finance but I could manage it after learn, observ and writing in this blog. I’ve learned many thing from this blog. Okay, maybe this blog have many copy paste article but it help me to learn and manage finance. That’s the benefit I’ve get after making this finance about 2 years ago.

The emergency fund is important for our finance. You can refer my older post to know about emergency fund. It help us to manage our finance properly. How about you ? Do you feel broke after getting such this emergency incident? Let’s share with me.

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