Am I stinggy?

Make money is not an easy task. It requires a lot of work before getting enough money. Life that need the money often results in spending is not enough. Sometimes we have to be stingy in order to avoid spending still in control. I myself may have a selfish nature as I’m still using old things in daily life. Among them are: –

1. Towel .

I’m still using towel for about a year ago. Last month, I just buy another towel at the street market that cost only $10. Maybe there’s small tears on the towel but still can be used. Why bother to use new towel if there’s only you and family in the house?
2. Wallet.
recycled seatbelt wallet1
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Wallet is a small case that used to carry personal items such as cash, credit card or identification documents. I still used $15 wallet I’ve bought 4 years ago . There’s no big tears on the wallet. Why want to buy new if it is still can used. I don’t have thousand dollar to put in the wallet or credit card.
Credit Picture :- Igreensport

3. Handphone.
sony ericsson s312srebrn
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There’s many people changed their handphone monthly. I dunno how could they waste money to follow the gadget technology. I’ve used Sony Ericsson S312 for almost 3 years. I still not change the battery or any casing but still good condition. I used the handphone for basic features such as call, sms and play some basic game.

4. Working shoes.
RAF Parade Shoes Mens
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I’m using shoe that I’ve buy at shopping complex. It is not cheap for me. The cost almost $100 but it is great coz it is still in good condition after 2 years. No need to change it. Maybe there’s a hole at the shoe tread but can be repair and it cost about $5-10.
Credit Picture :- ArmyNavy

5. Personal Computer

My PC is about 5 years old but I’ve upgrade the motherboard about 2 years ago. I don’t have any other PC’s, tablet or laptop. I’ve a money to buy it but still don’t think really need another PC’s , laptop or tablet. My PC is still great and help me to write the article like this..
old pc canberra article width
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Okay, my PC not old like this ..

6. Working clothes and pants.

Some of working clothes are almost same as the years I’ve working (about 9 years). I just buy working clothes one times per two years.

Okay that’s all of goods that I still used even many people always changing it. Am I stingy or it is really common to used the goods for long time as budgeting ? Share your opinion below..

p/s :- All of the picture not my goods. I’ve just copy paste from website only.
p/s :- Maybe there’s a grammatical error on this entry but this is totally 100 % unique entry write by me…

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  1. Well hello I love this article because it matches up with my minimalist attitude, why change what is working. Unless the cell phone, computer, towel or shoes begin to fail or no longer meet your needs then why allow marketing pressure to force you into wasting money you do not have to waste.

    This sad modern world where privacy is a justified concern masks the reality that for far too many people their real concern should be that they have become slaves to the corporations who decide what is right and proper to own.


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