America’s Highest Paying Jobs

Wanna to know what the most highest paying jobs in US? The salary is deciding on a career path, a degree or even where to live. Although get a higher education will determine the worker’s salary but not all high paying jobs really require the advanced degree. Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS), has releases data at the most highly-compensated occupation in the country. This is 7 list of paying jobs in US

1. Doctors and Surgeons
Average annual salary: $168,650-$234,950
Current employment: 618,000+
– This profession is important and that’s why it become the highest paid occupation in the country. Becoming a doctor or surgeon need a great education and certificate. There’s many years to become a doctor unless you are a genius like Sho Yano.

2. Orthodontists and Dentist
Average annual salary: $161,750-$204,670
Current employment: 101,400
– Also work related to health. They are get high salary because there’s a big demand for examination, diagnoses and treatment of teeth and gums.

3. Chief Executive Officers
Average annual salary: $176,550
Current employment: 267,370
– Maybe there’s in your mind that many CEO are billionaire so why they on the 3rd place. This is the average and it based on many company and not just a big company such as Facebook or google, etc. CEOs have big responsibility to formulating policies, coordinate the operational activities and planning the overall direction of companies.

4. Petroleum Engineer
Average annual salary: $138,980
Current employment: 30,880
– Oil industry always become a highest income industry. The petroleum engineers creates plans for oil and gas extraction, production and tool modification.

5. Lawyer
Average annual salary: $130,490
Current employment: 570,950
– Legal industry need an educate person and must have certificate. Lawyer need to represent their clients in both criminal and civil proceeding and advise the legal matters to their clients.

6. Architectureal and Engineering Managers
Average annual salary: $129,350
Current employment: 184,530

– This managers wil plan, coordinate and direct activities in their field. They also need to do research and development. To become architectural and engineering managers, a person must have at least bachelor’s degree and five years of related experience.

7. Natural Science Manager
Average annual salary: $128,230
Current employment: 47,510

– Nowaday, many research has been done in natural science activities. The Natural Sciences managers need to plan, direct or coordinate activities in physical science and other science related fields. It is need a good education and expertise in a natural science or a related field.

Source :- Finance yahoo

I think most of the list is same like my country. There’s no IT executive in the list. OOOo my.

Do you feel your job is best? Or your job worst? Read at this list

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