Are you ready for GST

Tomorrow, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department will implement Goods and Services Tax (GST) replacing the current Consumption Tax.
Most of us have discussed about the GST without really knowing How GST may affect us.


We’ve heard that it is a type of consumption tax levied on purchases at 6% to replace the current sales and service tax. But do we really need it? I don’t know either and we need to face it. Look for 2-3 months whether it affect in our expenses or not.
For time being, there’s some increase on product and services that affect my expenses. Hopefully it is good as the actor said in their advertisement. Otherwise, I don’t think public will want to survive for government.

So, any opinion on GST? Let’s share with me

A people in Malaysia must remembered 1st April not because of the April Fool but
Hi.. I just found an interesting article from Telegram being sent by my friends. It

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