Bad luck in snake day

Okay, today I just have a bad luck.  As we know today is Chinese New Year and this year is ‘Year of Snake’.  My life is not lucky even in the morning. In my country, it is holiday and as usual(I’m lie, not too usual) I’ve go to my pineapple farm.  Today, I’ve planning to spray poison for the grass. The grass at my farm is look healthy and it affects my pineapple. Unfortunately, I’m fall in the ditch. The bad luck increase after I’m forgot to put my handphone at my motorcycle. This unlucky incident getting worst after I see that my handphone screen not appear anything.

My mood to work at my farm has disappear and I’m going home early. I tried to switch on and charging the handphone but the good not coming. The 2 handphone of mine is totally broken.In my mind, I need to buy a cheap handphone because the phone is important for me. Unfortunately as handphone seller in my hometown is all Chinese and none of the shop is open. So, I need to wait until my brother and sister come back home and I’m borrowing their phone. It is just a bad day for me.

Maybe it is a personal stories but there’s a lesson that I’ve learned such as :-

  1. The monopoly of Chinese race in handphone service in my hometown. That’s why I can’t do anything to my phone today. Okay, I’m not racist but I think citizen of my hometown need to enter the handphone business to compete with them. I don’t have any capital to enter into this business but I think I’ll try it on the future.
  2. Must beware what I’m brought when work at the farm. I think the lesson I’ve got is must careful of what belonging such as handphone and others card. If possible, don’t brought it.
  3. Must have reserve phone. Not the expensive one but a cheaper. Only the phone that can be used basic function.
  4. Must have emergency funds. I’ve an emergency saving but not suspect about this incident. Fortunately, my last month bonus still not spends. So I can used some of it to buy another handphone.

Okay, that’s some of the lesson I’ve learned. This month, my expenses will be increased because of this tragedy and I hope the pineapple farm project could be success and it could become one of my source income. Other than that, I hope could reached another level and become greater.

OO.. I don’t blame snake year because I’m not a believer of the fortune. As I know, my life is still long and I believe I can become a successful man in the future. Pray for me, my beloved reader.

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