Balancing for Budgeting


Do you have problem balancing your checkbook? I think it is common problem in budgetting even for accounting student. The balancing need to know the expenditure in your budget. If your spend more than income then it is trouble and will make you headache.
There’s many software in the market but you don’t need it for your financial budget. All you need is a ledget book, pencil and a simple calculator.

Firstly you need to create a balanced budget. The important list is monthly bills and basic need. What is basic needs? It is like a household groceries, petrol expenditure and utilities. List it carefully in your book and surplus the things that not needed.
After that, make an extra expenses list such as medical expenses, car repairs, insurance, gift, clothing. If possible, list it in which is the priorities. Do you have a surplus in the list? If yes, that’s good budgetting but if not there’s a tips.

You budget must not exceed your income. That’s the balancing act. If it already happen, then you need to work out as soon as possible. Look at the list of you bills, basic needs and extra expenses amount and compare to your income. If there nothing left after the bills are paid, write the top of the page with “Surplus” heading.

If your budget is in danger you need to study seriously. Back to the list and cut the cost. Make sure you cut expenses for lunch, or trip. Learn a simple activity that will save your money such as cut hair, cooking, change oil car, etc. It will save you a lot.

Cut cost for money on groceries. Always plan before shopping and use the discount coupon. Don’t go to cheap sale because you will buy unusable thing.


If your financial in trouble , cut your cable tv, internet services, etc. You still can watch soccer match at shop and just order a cup of tea in some coffee house. You also can surf internet using free wifi nearby.

Try sell unusable thing, You can sell it using garage sale concept or sell it via ebay.

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Make sure your friends and family know about your budget situation. It is important to ensure they don’t ask you to spend in expensive place.

If you have more than a vehicle, sell one of them. If you have a motorcyle, use it especially to workplace. Never care about what other’s talk about you. It is about your financial future.

Increase your income by taking some part time job but you need to ensure the part time job not effect your current job. If possible, try online job such as blogging, consultancy and etc.

That’s some basic tips to balance your budget. If you have any tips on balance for budgeting, let’s share with us.

If you wish to plan your financial future, you must learn how to save money
It is more than half of year now. Maybe our budget is needed to change.

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