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If you’re blogger, blogwalking will be one activity you must do. If not, maybe either your blog is very famous or you’re really lazy to read others blog.
As a finance blogger, I love to visit other’s finance blog and to do that I need to know the good finance blog. An easy way is by surfing on their articlle Top 100 Most Popular Personal Finance Blog.

I can’t read all 100 personal finance blog in a day so I’ll pick up around 5 personal finance blog to read and leave some comment. Why leave comment? It is to get some backlink from their blog and hopefully some visitor too.. This week I’ve read 5 personal finance but for this entry, I’ll share only one of them :-

– An article I’ve read is How I Feed My Family of 5 for $6,500 a Year-Week 17. I’ve never read her post before but this is great post. She put an effort by target the spending for a year. This is good article as she mention all her week by week.
She show all her spending via blog. It is good as she can make reference week by week and look the progress whether the amount will reach or not.


She also put the total deficit or surplus for the year in her blog. The detail she put show how tight her budget in a week. It show that, the discpline is the main key in budget. Consistency will bring success in her finance management.

I’ve also read other article entitled Our Debt Repayment Progress & Savings Goals #38. A great article by moms name Melissa show his passion about debt repayment. She also wrote about her financial goals for 2015 to save 3 months of living expenses and to do that she must know how many days or months worth of their living expennses.
And right now, they don’t have living expenses. I thing it is possible to save if she could consistency write about it. Aim to save little amount before getting big amount. Hopefully she will success to achieve it.As a mom of 3 kids , the expenses will getting big in the future but it is not hard if she plan now.

3rd article in her blog that I’ve read is Menu Planning For May 2,2015 . It is important to plan menu as it is one of the biggest expenses in our life. She only do lunch and dinner. I don’t know why no breakfast as it is also important meal in our life.

So, if you have finance blog, place at the comment and I’ll read it. If it look interest I’ll share by doing review like this too.. So, just follow this blog to share and get knowledge about finance.

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