Budget-Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

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Nailing down the marketing is probably second most important part of any successful business, aside from the quality of the product or the service that business sells. But, no matter how high that quality may be, if there is no one to hear the message no money will be spent, so here we will dwell more into the matter of marketing. Trying to stand out in the public eye and become household name is sometimes very hard, especially if you are competing with industry giants that are investing massive amounts of money into marketing department. Fortunately, there are ways to conduct efficient marketing campaigns even on a budget and we will give you few hints of how to do that successfully.

Use Social Networks

Social networking is largely free so be that savvy net worker and try to use social media to full extent. Participation in big sites, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other that comes to your mind, will ensure you exposure in this ever-increasing virtual world, where humanity now spends majority of its time. Publishing interesting content and organizing various contests, calls to action and giveaways will raise awareness of your product and service and eventually generate self-sustainable word of mouth or even viral status.

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Create Interesting Content

When we mentioned publishing content, we missed the opportunity to underline its importance in your overall marketing strategy, which is the mistake we will soon correct. Quality and interesting content is the sole reason why anyone will visit your website or social network profile and regular updates are the reason they will come back for more. Publishing articles shows your expertise and increases your reliability as a credible source. Don’t be afraid to reuse same content in different places and try to make the shift toward printed media whenever possible. Short webinar or an eBook should be your little crown achievement.

Use Urban Environment as Marketing Means

Aside from having strong online presence you will have to be well rooted in the real world as well, otherwise, you are running a risk of slipping off the public radar and be regarded as not credible enough. So use the location where your company is situated as much as possible. Your HQ should be visible and recognizable even from a distance and create striking contrast to its environment. You don’t have to go full kitsch or otherworldly, but this is the situation where you want to stand out and be the odd one. Your building should provoke curiosity and simply be beautiful and interesting to look at. There is no simpler marketing solution than this.

Integrate into Local Community

There is no better way to create positive impact on the local community than to build relationship with it up and personal. Providing people with free seminars and instructional material from your branch will help you to become go-to place for the dedicated problems. Operating on a small level provides you with great opportunity to give your brand a face and personality and to meet your customers face to face, which is the privilege large shapeless corporations have lost. That is the reason why direct marketing strategies, such as free seminars are so important. Aside from giving your service or product much needed exposure, you will also give people a chance to get to know you. And it’s really not expensive. Sponsorship of local sports team will strengthen relationship with your neighbors further and turn you into local hero.

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Put Your Name Everywhere

Although it may seem like a resource-demanding endeavor, stamping your name and logo around is not that expensive, given the fact that it can be applied to anything, like pen and lighter. As a matter of fact such simple things are maybe the best option because they tend to cross very long distances and be used by myriad of people on their hand-to-hand journeys. Solutions like Cubic Promote promotional products and other alternatives are very affordable so don’t pass the opportunity to appeal and give a reminder of you to massive amount of people.

If you used some or all the advices we gave you above, you should be able to make a bang for your money, even without some large investments. This will keep you on the surface for a while, but try to always discover new ways to appeal to people and your name will be around for quite some time.

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