Budget on Vacation

It ain’t easy to go on vacation without any budgeting  You will lose more money than you expect if you don’t plan your vacation. Many tourist area will are place to waste your money.

You will spent more especially for the first time. Most of tourist especially beginner just enjoying their trip without thinking about their  future finance.

When you back home, there’s not enough money to spend. This is bad attitude. That’s why you need to budget on your travel. In this entry, I’ll share some tips budget on vacation to make sure you can spent less on your vacation.

 Always compare the hotel. Get the less because your vacation is to travel not for sleeping.

Budget hotel or motel  is enough. No need 5-star hotel because you only need the hotel for sleep. Form a strict budget before going on vacation. To follow the budget is hard but you must have planning to spend your money wisely.

Make sure you plan the budget at least a month before going vacation.

You also need to stick on the location and not adding place at the last time.

If possible, never use credit card. Use cash or debit card to avoid over spending.
Go to place such as beach, forest, etc . It will give more memories and saving money rather than go to theme park that need pay to enter.
Don’t go shopping for vacation. Hey, vacation is to remembered not for buying unused product. Many tourist being trap to buy souvenir at the place. You can buy 2-3 for your memories but it is not worthy. Instead of buying souvenir  snap picture using digital camera. It is more reliable and cheaper than buying souvenir that you can do it buy yourself. You can snap more than 100 picture and put in your album or computer or facebook.

Don’t make vacation with big group. Maybe if you come with many people the fee for place you visit could be cheaper but as I said before it won’t fun. Sometimes it could cost you because can’t planning place to visit properly. There’s many argument and changes place in the discussion. Better travel alone of by small group.
In the end you will have more fun if you travel on a budget.

Budgeting isn’t something that everyone has mastered to the fullest. In fact, it is still
As we know, today there announcement for Budget 2020 proposals. I'm not on TV as

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