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On my previous blog article written last year entitled, ‘ I need a new laptop: Only You Can Help Me‘  , I tried to dream of buying a laptop using help from my readers but the dream cannot become true. At the end of 2016 which is equivalent to 28 December 2016,my  laptop getting a bigger problem. The LCD display cannot appear and it need to change. The cost is almost 50% from the cost of second hand laptop. So, I need to change my laptop which me I need to adjust my January 2017 budget too. It is important as I need a laptop as it relates to my career as a ‘part time blogger’. No laptop means I can’t share my thought on finance to you.

Despite having the ability to buy a new laptop Dell Inspiron 15 but I feel it’s not a necessity nowadays. So I decide to bought a used laptop from a computer store nearby. I bought  Dell brand in 2009. Why did I buy used rather than new one? This is because Dell laptops in 2009 is quite strong in terms of material and design. I also have experience using a laptop in 2009 that no major problems cause. After all I only use for small works and does not require high end graphic. It is not worth  if you want to buy a high specification laptop but using it as a minimum.

For those of you who want to buy a laptop, this are a few tips from me: –

1) Before buying, look at your budget. See your ability to pay. Buy for cash and avoid buying in installments because it is very harmful. Payment by installments will cause you to pay interest many times. There are cases up to 200% of the price in cash and the laptop will come down in price after you pay out.
2) Get insights from those who are expert in computer technical. You can  be fooled with the specifications offered by the seller. If you are not proficient, bring friends who work in the computer field. This can prevent you pay the price of laptops that are not commensurate with the specification.
3) Try to make the reference on the site. Many sites that provide prices. You can refer to the Amazon web site to compare prices. You can also buy on Amazon because the prices are competitive compared to the market price.
4) Make sure that the laptop has the warranty period. Usually the warranty period are 2 years old. If the seller proposes to add another 1 year warranty, do not rush. Normally, after two years of goods laptop has been upgraded and you still have to pay for the cost of a new item.
5) Make sure you buy according to need. No need to buy a laptop with high specification if you are to make use of the basic work. Avoid buying a laptop for gaming because they are relatively expensive unless you have a career in that field.
6) Don’t get trap from the salesman to add accessories or upgrade your laptop. Stick with your need. Sometimes the accessories will increase your budget. You can buy it later.


It’s a few tips for buying a laptop. You should always seek knowledge about computer before buying it. Purchasing a laptop can be a worthwhile purchase for your future. I’m also advise you to use the laptop to make money or manage your own money. And use it to read Yourfinancialblog too..
Lastly, I would also like to wish you ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017′.

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