Buy in bulk – Is it worthy or not ?


Do you buy in bulk? Now, many hypermarket around us that provide buy in bulk. The price is cheaper than buy in small amount of goods. There’s many benefits buy in bulk for us, a consumer.
I’m not buy in bulk before but this month I will buy some of groceries in bulk. The groceries that I’ll buy is rice, cooking oil, garlic, milk and sugar. Not all groceries could buy in bulk. A good such as vegetables, egg, bread couldn’t buy in bulk because it could rotten and have short time expiry date.


There’s reasons why I’m plan to buy in bulk this month (after getting salary on 24th March). The reasons are :-

1. Before this I just buy groceries but can’t manage my budget properly. If I buy in bulk I could manage budget properly. Buy one time and calculate what I’ve spend in that time. It is much more easier to know monthly expenses than buy many time in a week.
2. Usage of groceries could manage. Maybe I know how much usage of cooking oil monthly.
3. Can discipline usage of groceries. As I’m just paid once in a month than I know how to use it in schedule. I also know what I’ve waste in the previous month.
4. Saving more. Buy in bulk could save money because the price could be low than buy in small amount.

|10 Things You Should Buyin Bulks |

Is it worthy to buy in bulk ?

– It could worthy or not. It depends on the groceries, usage and how discpline we manage. Some of us could waste more money buying in bulk but some of us can. I hope buy in bulks could help me to manage finance properly.

How about you? Do you  buy in bulk or not? Let’s share with us

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