Buying a house – Why you don’t need an advice

In my previous entry I’ve told you that my office mate ask me ‘ what business for him’ and I’ve give him some advice. As I’ve mention before, there’s no progress whether he really want to do some business. Okay, maybe it’s too early for him to implement what he plans.
Today, he just discusses with some of my friends whether to buy a house or not. He ask to get advice from my office mate and he look confused to make decision. That’s why I said in the topic that you won’t need an advice. It makes you confuse and can’t make decision. The advice from my friends is not from expert perceptive, they just show him how much to pay, how long to pay based on their experience buy a house. That’s not an advice you need to know. Okay, maybe some of you blast to me about this.
buy house
Yes, buying a house is important and most of common people will buy a house for his entire life. It needs to buy properly but the best is you must decide based on your need. The house is for your future. It is not your friends that will pay your 20-30 years loan. Don’t make they decide for you. They can’t bring house with carpet or paid the bill so just get your own opinion.

If you want to get an advice, just get some basic advice such as where to find loan, where to buy. That’s all. Don’t ask them whether this house is suitable or not, this bank is good or not. Instead of get advice from a people who owns a house find a house investor or checking at bank institution. Do some analyst and compare the advantage and disadvantage choose the house or loan. After that, just decide and never going back. Never regret what you buy after that. Maybe you will lose something but you could profit in the future.

I’ve buy a house that I’ve never ask more from my office mate. I’ve just bought the house that I could afford it. The house has been renting and I just get additional income. Maybe the renting price is low but still good for me even though I’m not get profit from the rental. Some of my officemate scold me because the rent fee but I know it is for my future and not profit. I’ve plan to get some house for investment in the future. But I won’t ask advice from my friends but get information from books and internet. Maybe I don’t know the writer or cyber investor but it is much better because we can follow or not without feeling guilty not follow our friend’s advice.
Okay, that’s all for today. If you want to buy house, so just buy it..

Do you want to buy home? Buying a house requires a checklist and this is
I just read my friends twitter about whether it is to buy or rent a

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