Can I saving RM4,000 in 4 months

I think I need at least to save RM2,000 in my account for my wedding ceremony on February 2014. It not look tough but in reality it is hard for me. The RM2,000 not enough but that’s the realistic target. For this month, I’ve saving RM200 but that’s not enough for money gift for my future wife. The money needed for her wedding spending.

Saving Plan

Will I make personal loan? As I want to avoid it but the money to spend is not enough even I could save RM4,000. It happen because I don’t expect to married early next year as I’ve spend RM6,000 to repair my car that being broken this year. I’ve also buy an inheritance land that cost about RM10,000.

Not only that, my farming project also look not good and it make me lose about RM3,000. Look at the money that I’ve spend and the total is about RM17,000. It is enough for me to married without any loans if I’ve still have that money. But that’s life. Sometimes we get profit and sometimes lose. I hope my marriage will bring more prosperity in my life.

Back to the topic, saving RM2,000 is still important to reduce prospect to make loan. I don’t want to get trap paid another loan. What I must do ?

1. Maybe this 4 month I will reduce payment for my loan education. As I’ve paid RM300 monthly maybe this 4 month I’ll pay RM150 only. The other’s RM150 could be used to save.
2. Keep on trying to increase online income. I hope that some of online programme could bring me some money. I’m target to get around RM1,000 from online money in 4 months. Can I get it?
3. Do an envelope system. Envelope system is important to divide expenses. I’ve heard this system at wedding course and I’ve used it in September. Good system.
4. Saving in fixed deposit. I think that’s one option as there’s a time for the fixed deposit to mature

That’s some planning that I need to do if I want to save more money before my wedding ceremony. Any idea?

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