Can I survive with Frontkn stock ?

As I’ve wrote at my post, one of my stock, Frontkn has dropped drastically. From account, I will lost more than 20% and almost RM100 from RM4++ I’ve spent,
On the forum, there’s many negative about the stock being discussed but I’m still stick at my plan. Before this my plan is to hold this stock for at least a month and I decide to look again this stock at the end of September.
I’m not greedy but I’ve plan to take risk on this early investment in stock. I couldn’t change buy and sell without knowing about the consequences (rather than lose). I need to do analyst before reuse the money to buy another stock.

FrontKen stock

I’ve read latest news about Frontken company at The Star. Based on the article, the company look promising and has potential as it make profit.
From the info,Dealers say that Frontken’s share may caused a domino effect. The stock’s price to earning ratio was still palatable. Looking at the info the company biggest shareholders is CP Asia Holding GMBH which is the major shareholder of CP Asia is Dr Jorg Helmut Hohnloser.
Who is Dr Jorg Helmut Hohnloser? He is a director of Frontken after bought the company back in 2010 via CP Asia and increased his stake up to its present 27.75%.

As I’m not familiar with Frontken company, the article give me bright idea about what the company is dealing. Frontken is a provider of surface metamorphosis and mechanical engineering solutions,serving a wide-range of heavy industries such as oil and gas, power generation, semiconductors and marine.
They also specialises in engineering services that include coating, machining and grinding, manufacturing and precision cleaning.

For its first quarter to March 31, 2017, the company made a net profit of RM5.02mil from a previous loss of RM1.24mil in the same period of the previous year. Revenue increased to RM67.06mil from RM58.79mil previously.
– The Star

I hope that the info could help boost the Frontken price and the value could be up. Good luck Frontken…

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