Challenging in october

It is only 1st October and I’ve facing problem related to money.After my Sony Xperia X10 broken down, I buy a cheaper handphone Samsung REX 70. Unfortunately, the handphone can’t help me as the memory card is problem and I can’t transfer picture. It is bad decision for me to buy the handphone but still used it and used for basic function.
And my problem become bigger as my car has aircond problem. It is not cool after I drive it. I’ve put a gas about 2 months ago and in the good condition it could last for 1 years. I think it could related to the equipment of the car. And if I want to repair, the cost is not cheap and could reach RM2,000. It is a high cost as I want to married next year. So, I hold untill next February if I want to repair or maybe make a drastic decision; sell and buy new. I hope the car airconditioner can be repair as I don’t want to buy a new car in short time. Maybe repairing is the best choice as I don’t want to add new loan in my budget.

October 2013 Calendar


Other than that, I just overpriced my budget for motorcycle insurance/road tax. I’m predicted that it only cost RM100 but as my friends make it, the cost for third party motorcycle insurance and road tax cost me RM136.00. It is not a good amount for me as I need to save more money for my wedding preparation. On other hand, I’m lucky as I’m too busy and not eating lunch. Hopefully it could reduce my belly.
It is not a good starting on October but I hope there’s a bigger opportunity I get. It is life and I need to challenge myself to become better next day. Pray for me that I could success in the future.
OOO. I’m sorry if this article is just personal and not knowledgeable like other’s entry.. Have a nice day and always follow


This year, Black Friday will be held on November 23 and many people will get
Saying that millennials are facing much harsher financial times than previous generations is nothing new.

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