Change My Digi Plan, Terminate Celcom Broadband

This month I’ve change my telco Digi Plan from RM78 plan to RM88 plan. Why ? Because the RM88 plan give me 20GB internet quota than 3GB internet quota before.
I’m lose some money while change as the plan will activate the current date and I still need to pay the previous plan but I need to change as I’ve lose more before.

Before this I’ve used my wife Celcom broadband but I’ve terminate as it also cost me more money. As the monthly payment is RM78 for 4GB internet quota. It is not enough for me.
I’ve terminate it online and will come to Celcom service centre to confirm it. My next target is to terminate my Maxis broadband as it is used for office. I’ve create new account using office name and will terminate my account.

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Why I write about it? It is to show how much money I’ve lose before. Using much money for internet broadband is not good way to spend. As I’m only using Digi, I could tethering it to share wifi at my laptop and using it to update this blog.
How about you? Do you use more than one internet provider? If yes, how you manage it? Let’s share with me..

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