CIMB Account number change

Malaysia’s second biggest bank, CIMB Bank Bhd had make frustration to their customer after shut down on the Chinese New Year. To make worst, the bank changed account numbers to a new arbitrary string of 10 digits.
This make complaints and frustation from theri customer despite notification from the bank ahead of its two-day-long system upgrade. According to CIMB’s website, all existing deposit accounts were assigned numbers starting today even though old account numbers still work. Only credit cards and safe deposit box accounts are not affected by the change.


CIMB had a system upgrade between 11.45pm on January 31 and 6.00am today over the frantic period of Chinese New Year holiday.

Source : The Malay Mail Online

Hm.. I’ve an account at CIMB so I need to pay attention about this as it will effect my business.. How about you? Do you get effected about this CIMB change number system?

For those CIMB holder, theres an announcement that all CIMB Bank, CIMB Islamic branches and
This article is intended for two types of people. First, for newbies to the world

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