Credit Card Alternatives for Millennials with Zero Credit [INFOGRAPHIC]

Owning a credit can provide a lot of conveniences. If you come face-to-face with an emergency, it will allow you to pay for those expenses easily. If you need to pay off debt, but your monthly salary is still a few weeks away, it can give you flexibility when it comes to your payment options. However, research shows that credit card use in the Philippines remains low.

It’s no secret that applying for a credit card can be a complicated process. Because of the requirements needed, those who have a bad credit history or tend to mismanage their finances are unable to enjoy the benefits of being a responsible credit card holder. But, thanks to developments in the finance sector, experts in the industry have developed new substitutes for credit cards.

Now that the credit industry is more inclusive, people are no longer limited to bank loans and credit cards to ease their financial dilemmas. The guide below will discuss the latest credit card alternatives for millennials with zero credit.

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