Evaluating Utilities Budget

Monthly utility is one of our biggest expenses. Sometimes, it could become fixed expenses and sometimes it could get higher or lower. Our utilities cost including electricity, water, phone, TV and some countries heating service. List all the bill and check at least your last three bills so you can have an average monthly cost.

Never lying about the numbers and try to be as accurate as you can. Consider what you spent on each the previous year as for example, electricity cost vary greatly. You must include cell phone, internet access, lawn care, housing tax, etc.

Now you need to trim your budget in utilities such as :-
– Long distance: use an instant messaging program to chat more online without long distance charges – easy as the increasing use of the Internet has grandparents as well connected as their grandchildren.
– Electricity: replace regular light bulbs with energy saving bulbs, and be conscious of turn off lights and stereo equipment when not in use – these alone can cut the average electrical bill in half.

The Budget Kit: The Common Cents Money Management Workbook

If you can trim this budget, there’s some money you could save. And if you have any tips on electricity you could share on the comment below.

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