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I am really proud and excited after  other websites featuring me on their website and  it is not ordinary website was it is sponsored by Hong Leong Bank. Interestingly when I am together with other’s  internet experts in Malaysia  such as Lucas Lau, editor of leading forum; Lowyat.net , Chris Tock blogger from www.spinzer.us and Nigel Yap Editor of Stuff Magazine. I feel small as yourfinancialblog.com is not big like them but it show that this blog has their potential.I’m really happy because it is first time I get opportunity to feature in other’s website.  It will become an exposure to yourfinancialblog.com.



Look at the screenshot below :-



I’m the handsome men wearing a cap. Maybe a bit chubby than all others 3 famous people. The website called thirdway.my .



Honestly, I dunno how I’ve being involved in thirdway.my. Last month, I’ve received an email that offer me to write an article about thirdway.my and I get the opportunity to feature in their blog.

It is great achievement to me and I hope there’s many more opportunity will come to yourfinancialblog.com. Before finish this entry, read my review about ‘The Third Way of Shopping

Hm.. Maybe you are wondering what is third way of shopping? And what one and
You may have detested math in high school, however it is time for a very

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