Fight a debt lawsuit

Many people has to face debt lawsuit because there’s can’t get rid of their debt. It will effect their financial after the court declare they lose the case. The additional cost will make your problem bigger.But do you know there’s a some solution? Let’s read this seven ways to fight a debt lawsuit

1. Always Respond. Many borrower do not respond to the notice from lender lawyer. Most of borrower don’t respond because they assume there’s nothing they can do. That’s wrong decision. You need to respond or the collection agency has reason to sue you. Not just your debt, they also can charge you with additional attorney fees, court cost or interest charges to the loan balance. Respond to the notice and get discussion with borrower. The debt collection could not force immediately if you respond and make some decision. Maybe you can’t paid full but there’s an option they could give to you.
2. Challenge the lawsuit. Maybe it look weird but you can win if there’s a loop hole on the collection term and agreement.
3. Make your collector prove what you owe. You must ask them to show the original signed agreement and a balance in detail. Sometimes the original creditors also lack accurate documentation .
4. Some of country make law that creditors have a maximum of 4-5 years to sue debtors. After that, the statute of limitations expires. It can’t stop you from being suing but it could help you from being lose.
5. Sue them back. It is the drastic way to do. You need to get a good lawyer to win the case.
6. File for bankruptcy. Maybe it is the last method to do.

Source :- MSN Money

How about that? Maybe you can win against your debt collector. Try it

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