Financial Mistake I’ve make in the past that I’ve regret

Today, I just want to write about my personal finance issue entitle of  ‘  financial mistake I’ve make in the past that I’ve regret’ . Maybe after resting without new entry I think it is good to write financial issue about myself.
All of us have make mistake in our life and so do I. As my age is reached 35 years old this December there’s many financial mistake I’ve make in the past . Maybe it is not too late to correct it but i still feel guilty make it.

This is financial mistake I’ve make in the past.

1. Not married early. Marriage need much money. Delay it will make the cost increased every year. And it happen to me. I need more than RM10K for marriage in the future (hopefully next year).If I’ve married last 10 years, maybe the cost is a bit low and the expenditure for son/daughter is not high like next 10 years. So, for those younger, don’t wait if you have the couple. Getting married and it will make your motivation to work hard to earn. Don’t afraid if money is not enough because money won’t be enough even you’re single forever.

2. Not investing early. I just invest and saving in my late 20’s. It’s not enough saving while I’m in middle of 30’s. It is a bit late because I don’t have enough money to make long term investment.

3. Late learning about finance . I don’t learn about finance in school or university. Honestly, I just learning finance this year through book, ebook and article from yourfinancialblog. If I learn as early at university maybe I’ve proper finance today.

4. Only copy paste but not learning. It happen to this blog as I just copy paste article about finance but not really pay attention about it.

5. Not buying house early. I’m buying my house at late 20’s and the mortgage is high. If I bought the house as early 20’s maybe I could decrease the loan period now.

6. Make the maximum loan period. Make the maximum loan just make the bank steal my money more. It make me like a slave for them as I need to pay more. My house loan total almost 200% from the what I’ve borrowed. It also same too my car loan which the agreement is long as 9 years.

7. Not manage budget.I just doing budget this year and I found it hard as I’ve never doing it before but I must do it for my proper spending.


8. Get a bad business partnet. I just have a business but my partners is not cooperate. I just work alone to do the transaction. It is happen because I’m trust too much the partners. What I’ve learn is , ‘ Dont Trust 100% ‘ to your partner even if he/she is your siblings.

Okay that’s all for my financial issue.Hopefully for those younger reader, you will learn from this article and avoid what mistake I’ve make in my younger age. As I’ve make mistake in the past so I need to improve such as :-

1. Reading more about finance book. This year I’ve read more than 4 book related to finance. It is great as I’m not a bookworm and don’t really love to read. Nowaday, I learn about Robert T.Kiyosaki and Donald Trump philosophy after reading their book. They think differently from me (and maybe most of us). If we work for money but this millionaire make the money work for you. I’ve also make them as a finance mentor for me and now I know what financial mistake I’ve doing regularly.
2. Keep on moving. Yes, I’ve make that financial mistake in the past but that don’t mean I will lose in the future. Learn and hard work could improve me to become better men in finance.
3. Implement what I’ve write. Yes, I’ve wrote in this blog almost 2 years but there’s a little part I’ve learn and implement. This year, I’ve make the action.
4. Planning about finance.  I’ve plan about finance everyday to ensure I won’t make same financial mistake in the future.

Okay, that’s all. Thanks for reading this. Hopefully we can learn something from our financial mistake and keep improving.

Most of us are experiencing financial difficulties due to two major errors committed when younger
I just read one of financial books and I just found there's many financial mistake

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