Financial planning in 20 s

Most teenagers not planning their financial. They don’t know it is important to know about planning their expenses.
In 20s, its the beginning for plan on your own. In that time you still don’t have many commitment and it is best time for you to have a good finance. You still single, your spending is still low and your body still strong. Don’t make mistake and think you still young and don’t need to plan your finance. You will regret in the future if you don’t plan and have good finance in the future. In this entry, I’ll share some of the best financial planning in 20s

It is important to get job in this age ..Let’s read basic tips to save money for job interview :-

1. Spend money for new suit. Get a nice haircut for interview. It not just to get good view from interviewer but also give you more confidence in interview.
2. Don’t waste money for a resume kit. There are many free tutorial online.
3. Join alumni from your previous university. You can get more information and help to find suitable jobs.
4. Careful before accepting jobs. Don’t just think about the salary. You also need to know about whether it is suitable with your skill.

That’s steps in interview. If you been hired, there’s a tips you need to remember after become a staff at the company

1. Check your first salary. Make sure the company deduct for necessary thing. Some country push company to deduct salary for employee funds, insurance, etc.. Check from your statement and from the agency.
2. Plan deduction for tax, loan and etc.. Don’t waste too much for leisure..
3. Give at least 10% for your first salary to your parents. Remember , they have waste many money for your education, meals before. So this is time for you to give just small buck. Also give money for them monthly. Maybe sometimes you forgot but make a consistent payback. If possible, cut your money from account and transfer it automatically to your parent account.
4. Get a place that nearest with your workplace. It will save you travel costing. If suitable, go to workplace by public transportation.
5. Don’t make a loan if you work less than 2 years. Why? Because the first year is time for you to stabilize salary and financial. It is unnecessary to get loan in this period. Avoid personal loan and credit card because it will trap your finance.


Okay, that’s all. I hope it will help you. If you have any additional tips you can share with us at the comment below.

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