Financial tips to survive during 2013

Increasing your income –having an extra job or playing guitar in the subway— and saving money is something that can produce financial stability. Nevertheless, sometimes is not easy getting extra money even when you must save money and think strategically so that you don’t have serious financial problems. I personally believe that when our economies are in recession or even our personal finances are in rink, there is an amazing opportunity to release a great idea that can even make us stronger than before. The history is witness of that. Some great breakthrough have had place thanks to crisis moments and we are writing this short story to inspire you to have a big thinking. We encourage you to read carefully this article and evaluate all the opportunities you have around you to grow, improve your financial situation and keep going. The following are some useful tips that will make you grow and get rid of bankruptcy.


-Make a budget with responsibility:
When you make a budget –a serious one you can achieve— you are making a very important decision. Sometimes we fail in our personal finances because we don’t make a good plan or we are unable to attach to one budget we have made. It is very important that we can make our best to beat any difficulty. In addition, when you are going to make expenses, try always to include in your budget at least a 5% more for unforeseen expenses.

-Be strict with your expenses:
Try to spend your money strategically and use your bank account to deposit your money. If you are strict with your expenses you will never have financial problems. It is very important that we can be serious with that because from this will depend our success.

-Identify those things that make you waste more money:
Sometimes we are affiliated to several things that make us waste money, and sometimes you can get those things in other way. Just look how much you are wasting in entertainment. Sometimes is better pay for the best internet connection you have available and don’t use other kinds of entertainment such as magazine subscriptions, renting movies, paying for video games or things like that. With a decent connection to the web you will have access to a lot of kind of content and information you need based on entertainment. This is a good way to save money and centralize your consumption of money in this aspect of your life.

-Have time to think in big:
When we are trying to improve our income we should always try to think in big. Having a positive thinking and a good attitude are amazing ways to save money but look for new ways to get money.

That’s some finance tips for us to survive in 2013. Do you have any tips? Let’s share with us

Life not easy especially when it is involved money. Even though for marriage couple, women

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