Fixed Deposit Placement Using Internet Banking

Have you invest in fixed deposit? Maybe you though it is uneasy to make as you must fill form and signature many thing. But, in internet era, there’s no more fill and sign form.
Using internet banking we can place our money into fixed deposit. One of banking in Malaysia, CIMB has been introduced their fixed deposit placement via their internet banking. I don’t know when they introduce this kind of investment that guaranteed returns.

Only using internet you can now perform fixed deposit transactions. Fixed Deposit (FD) placements offer a higher interest rate compared to a conventional Savings Account and helps depositor to earn higher returns on their savings.

Fixed Deposit
Via CIM Clicks Internet Banking, FD could perform and gives the flexibility to perform placements, upliftments/withdrawals as well as updates to your eFD account anytime and anywhere.

|What is fixed deposit |

Using Fixed Deposit transactions via CIMB Clicks

How to perform FD via CIMB Clicks ? This is the steps :
1. Log onto CIMB Clicks
2. Click on “Apply For”
3. Select your preferred Fixed Deposit transaction:
4. Placement
5. Upliftment/ Withdrawal
6. UpdateView
7. Rates
8. Key-in and confirm transaction details and request for TAC.
9. Upon receiving your TAC, key-in and submit your TAC.
10. You’re done!

How about that? It is easy.. For more information about CIMB e-FIxed Deposit visit their website

Fixed deposit is steady income for us. This saving is guarantee return from our saving.As
Do you put your money at fixed deposit (FD)? Do you heard about Overnight Policy

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