FrontKn Stock Dropped , Am I give up

Today, I’ve just a new thing about stock. There’s no GUARANTEE in stock market. Even though the chart look uptrend it could down drastically. It happen to my 3rd stock that I’ve invest in Bursa Malaysia.
The company stock is FrontKn. Today, I just add another stock for RM0.41 at the afternoon. Suddenly in the evening the stock value drop until RM0.335. It is such a huge drop and the transaction become higher.
Most of them sell their stock as they want to cut LOSE. As I’m just bought it not more than a week, so I think it is better to HOLD. It is sad as I’ve expected the stock prices will increase after learning and get advice from experience trader.
But that’s the life in Bursa Malaysia, you cannot expected. This is my experience to see how the stock become active while the price is suddenly drop. Luckily, I’m not invest all money to this stock. I’ve diversify my money not only too stock but also other’s source too.

I know it will happen when I’m involved in stock investment. This could happen and I need to gain more knowledge to make sure I won’t lose much more in the future and work hard to gain profit in the stock market. This is business, sometimes we could get profit and sometimes we could lose.
I need to stick into my investment plan. I will hold this stock at least a months. Look whether there’s possibility this stock could up again. My aim for a month that this stock could increase untill RM0.50 and if it still up, I hope it could increase untill RM1.00 which mean I could gain more than 100% profit. But I need to wait maybe a years to gain that income.
For me, it is time for me to not give up. I’ve experienced many loses before so loses not more than thousand RM is not a big issue. I need to calm and gain more knowledge and do some study about the stock.

Do you have any advice to get steady stock while you started in stock investment? Let’s share with me. Or do you have any idea about what happen to Frontkend?

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