Giving Idea for Budget 2018 Through Website

We as Malaysian citizen have a platform to give opinion on Budget. There’s initiative made by government for us to share our opinion on next year budget.

The website will be open on Sept 18 for us to submit suggestions on what should be included in the 2018 Budget. It is important for us to involved and know about Budget.
I know, most of Gen Y don’t care about this. They think it is a government task to do budget. For me, as an adult I’m recommend you especially teenagers to learn about Budget.
Don’t just follow other’s keyboard warrior blame and blame government without any idea. Whether the government implement your idea or not, it’s up to them.
In the website you can give suggestions based on 14 categories.

The categories include cost of living, housing and urban living, healthcare services, transportation and infrastructure, rural development and education.
I’m also will give some suggestion too. I’ll write some of my though at this blog before writing the detail at the website.

1) Cost Of Living
– I think cost of living are increased. The inflation is going up and most people suffer when the goods increased. GST make our power spending decreased. I though GST need to be reduce to 4% while the enforcement for manufacturer that increase their goods need to be done.

As we’ve been explained before GST introduced, the ministry said that it could decreased price as the manufacturer only pay one tax only but now in the reality it is not.

| Why GST Benefit to Us ? |

Nowadays, most people buy in the hypermarket which charge GST. Most middle income people suffer and we can see that there’s many people need to have another job to survive. It is not good for production especially in family life.

2) Housing and Urban Living
– It is one of most critical issue. Most middle income and lower couldn’t afford to buy house. The worst is people RM4,000- RM6,000 that couldn’t afford to buy affordable house especially in the urban such as KL and Pulau Pinang.

Housing Loan
– Government also need to pay attention to urban living as most ‘uncitizen’ (not Malaysian IC people) conquered some space in urban. To make worst they used technique such as born their child in Malaysia and their child get citizenship.
– They steal our tax and I think Home of Ministry need to have solution about this ‘Not Malaysia Citizen’. Most taxpayer can’t get the benefit but they can. How? I don’t know.

– Other than that. government need to push citizen especially teenager to work at Dirty Job such as construction workers, etc. We look especially at urban. Many teenagers become criminal because they don’t have any way to go. Some of them don’t like to study and don’t get any guide.
Not all people can become doctor, lawyer,etc.. Some of them need to work in hot place but with greater benefit and salary.

3) Healthcare Services

– For healthcare services, government need to upgrade our General Hospital especially in district level. Don’t put all into General Hospital. Maybe at some district they can provide expertise doctor.
The parking lot at most government hospital need to upgrade. I’ve go to Hospital Serdang this year and it ain’t easy to park our car eventhough the hospital facility is look great and new.

4) Transportation and Infrastructure
– I hope the rail could be success. As we know, Malaysia public transportation is not good. Many people keep on blaming our public transportation. Hopefully the ERL and other’s rail project could success. I want to see that traffic jam problem on holiday festival could be solved.
I’ve visited China on 2016 and found their public transportation is good. Not many car or traffic jam eventhought their population is really huge.

5) Rural Development
– This is also a categories need to be look. Younger people tend to migrate from village to township. It is also happen to my village. This happen because there’s no job or opportunity introduced in this rural area. We don’t promote agriculture for Gen Y. Many people prefer work at office with aircond rather than in hot place eventhough most agriculture people earn more than 2 times income.

6) Education

Teach Children about money
– Education need to have financial education. Most people lack of basic financial management while in school. They just know how to get A’s and while fail to get A’s, they don’t have future.
That’s the wrong way to do. Ministry of Education need to have budget and persuade cabinat to ensure all student have knowledge about financial management. If not, make sure they read yourfinancialblog at least once a week. It is important as many millenial trapped on money management.

Okay, that’s some of my suggestion. It is not detail as I write the main point too. Maybe I’ll get a fact or statistics to support this suggestion.

So let’s give your opinion at Bajet 2018

Budgeting isn’t something that everyone has mastered to the fullest. In fact, it is still
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