Happy New Year 2018 : Resolution for this year

Hi all my beloved readers. Firstly, I want to wish you a happy new year. May 2018 give us a wealthy year. We all know that this year still be challenging as the predict from economist that this year will be hard but we still need to prepare.
For me, I’m also need to change some of my lifestyle. As I’m 40 years old in 2018 and still can’t retire as I’m planned it is a hard year for me.
Like always, we need to make resolution to ensure our life is better than before. My plan such as :-

1) Change my budget format
– Before this I’ve used Excell format from Vertex. The format for budgetting is good but I think I need to try others format.
I’ve used new Excell template fromPearbudget. It look simple.Hopefully it could help me to discpline using as guideliness for my 2018 budgetting.

2) I will become palm oil businessman.
– After meeting with my family, I need to overtake the business that my father do before. It is not easy as I need to learn about the process in short time. I hope before end of January I could get something from the experience guy. Hopefully I could inherit the legacy.

3) I will make my home as a homestay
– It could become a new way for me to make my home tidy. I’ve an experience rent it but I don’t think it is good. As the rent fee is not enough for loan housing I’ve decide to put as homestay. Maybe it couldnt get profit too but I think it is enough for my sister and mother expenses.

4) Become stock expertise
– I’ve invest in Bursa Malaysia in June 2017 and I’m still not collect any proft. I’m not selling profitable stock while I’ve loss around RM300 before. At the end of 2017 , I’ve 2 stock market that give profit but I’m waiting as my trading plan. As I’m not really need the money in short term, I just monitor the progress of the stock.
I hope before June 2018 I could gain profit. Maybe in next 5 years I could retire using my stock market.

5) Improve my healthy lifestyle
– I know as my age reache 40s, healthy condition also decreased. I need to improve. I need to change my eating habit and do some workout regularly.

I think that’s all my resolution. Maybe I could become better in this year. Happy New Year all of you.

Hello all my beloved friends especially Chinese readers. Hopefully I'm not late to wish you
Hello all of yourfinancialblog.com . I don't know where you're from and when your time

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