Household saving tips

Okay, today I want to share some household saving tips that I’m practice it. It could help me to save a bunch of money

1) If your wife can’t cook, you need to learn yourself. If you still can’t cook then you need to buy food. Try to cook rice using rice cooker that you get from wedding gift.
Buy some meals at some stall and not big restaurant. It could save about RM2-3 per meals. If possible by at night market.

2) If you want to buy at fast food, don’t eat at the restaurant. Go to the restaurant that give some free pot. You can used it for your household purpose. Don’t need to buy tupperware brand for your food container.
I’m also used a food container from night market container. It is only cost RM3.00 with food. Isn’t it cheap? It is not expensive as brand food container that cost more than RM50.00.

3) Instead of buying drink at shop, make it by yourself. Want to make juice? Just do it by yourself. You can make more juice rather than buy at 7 Eleven.

4) Drink more plain water than colorful water with sugar. It is not just for saving purpose, it is also good for your health too.

5) Don’t buy new plate or pot. Just buy for your usage and 3-4 for guest. It is more than enough. If you want to make some function just use polesterine or paper plate.

6) Planning before buying groceries at shopping mall. Make a list as you won’t come again untill next month.

Okay, that’s my simple household saving tips. If you have anyy other’s tips let’s share with us.

We tend to act out what we believe. Once you believe a certain route to
Money saving is equally, if not more, important as money making. Advices are pouring on

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